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Dog Behaviour Advice

We all experience unwanted behaviours from our pets.  If you need support with your puppy or an older dog, I can help.  If you plan on getting a puppy or rescue dog, I can help you make the right decision. 

Maybe you have recently rehomed a dog, or you have a new puppy, and need some assistance settling them into your home.   Just get in touch and I can help ensure everything goes smoothly.


Winston-2 training

Dog Training

Training is critical to managing our pets behaviour. I can help you train your dog to cope with social situations so he or she can be a true member of the family happily accompanying you out and about.  Whether it is just the basic sit, stay and recall or more advanced training you need, I have the knowledge and experience to help.


Kitty - Tabby Cat

Cat Behaviour Advice

If you have a cat that has behaviour problems or you have cats and dogs that are not getting along, I can help.  Many people think cats cannot be trained but, this just is not true.  If you have a cat soiling in the home or scratching furniture there are ways to change their behaviour.  I can provide you with the knowledge and support to address cat behaviour problems just to my contact page and send me a message.


Gatsby - St Bernard

Other Services

I can provide help and support with all the challenges of living with pets in the home. That includes choosing the right pet, whether that's a puppy or re-homing an older dog, integrating a rescue dog into the household, or introducing a new addition to a multi pet household.

If I can help just go to the contacts page and get in touch.


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